A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed a peppermint mocha frappucino® sans the whip cream


and headed off to the Orpheum Theatre to see “If/Then”, a musical starring Idina Menzel.  Yup, Queen Elsa herself!


And a what a performance it was!  It’s a story about a woman named Elizabeth and the two different ways her life could have turned out – one as “Liz” and one as “Beth”.  The whole “if” life went a certain way, “then” this would happen brings the audience into a whirlwind of emotions.  There are laugh out loud moments, cry your eyes out moments, and moments where your heart just breaks.

The talent was fantastic.  I remember hearing an interview once with Kristen Bell and the nerves she had at first about singing with Idina Menzel in the movie “Frozen”.  It was a tall order to stand against, but everyone held their ground.  At one point, Ms. Menzel sings the phrase “Here we go” and I could have sworn she sang “Let it go”!!!  What a treat to see her live!

Afterwards, my peppermint mocha frappucino® got me craving more winter treats from Starbucks™ – so we got a couple of chestnut praline lattes, a snowman donut, and the famed cranberry bliss bar.

IMG_5554  Warm and sweet to end a fun afternoon!

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