bdama for lunch

Whenever I can sneak out of work for a full  hour for lunch, I always head out to B-Dama!!  I have written about them before but here are some more yummy eats:

My favorite is their tofu seaweed salad:

IMG_9591IMG_8468  Fresh and beautiful with daikon sprouts and a white sesame dressing!

My favorite are the futomaki or gaburi hand rolls, which I have written about these many times before:

IMG_8470  Two to three are filling enough for a meal on it’s own!

What’s amazing to me are their lunch specials!  So much food!  This is their chicken kara-age or japanese fried chicken platter:


and sushi rolls platter:

IMG_7699  In addition to the main course, you get salad, miso soup, pickles, steamed beans and carrots, and a bowl of rice.  It’s so much food, I often save half for the next day.

Their lunch plates are also a great deal!  This is their ginger soy sauce on a seared tofu steak:

IMG_7695  The “plate” comes with rice, salad and soup.

Getting the platter to go?  They pack each component up for you.  This is their fried fish with tartar sauce, greens, and miso soup:

IMG_9687IMG_9688  I love this place!

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