Chocolate Truffles

I love truffles.  I am partial to floral (like rose, lavender) and fruity flavors, but really any kind will do.  My favorites are from Wine Country Chocolates in Sonoma, California.  (  They have a beautiful collection, including ones that feature wine flavors.  On a recent visit, I picked up this box of goodies:

IMG_4752  All in dark choclate, the insides are creamy and delicious.  Each flavor was distinct and rich – especially, my favorite, the cabernet sauvignon!

I also love their chocolate covered pretzels:

sonoma2015 141  Perfect combo of salty sweet and crunch.

As a kid, See’s candies was always a treat and now, as an adult, I’m always glad when someone gives me a box of these:

IMG_7892  They are a bit sweeter and more commercial tasting that the Wine Country Chocolates, but still yummy and more easily available!

The Ferrero Collection is very popular among the Asian communities, with their hazelnut ganach inside:

IMG_7967  For a long time, I had only been able to find variety packs like these in Hong Kong.  But, to my surprise, I found them at Walgreens last week.  Though they are more abundant, I have to admit that I have never been a fan.  I think the quality of chocolate is mediocre and the fillings are too sweet.

I got a box of these Godiva truffles recently and was equally not impressed – they tasted very store bought and generic.

IMG_7898  Having gone to Belgium earlier this year, I was disappointed with the quality being shipped over here to the states.

All in all, boutique and specialty chocolate shops reign supreme for me.  Chocolate making is an art and should be done with love and care.

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