ecuador waterfalls

Last month, I traveled through the country of Ecuador and got to see some beautiful waterfalls.  Waterfalls are basically water moving from a high to low ground but they are so cool when they do it!

The first waterfall we visited was outside the town of Otavalo, called the Peguchi falls.

IMG_2282  A sacred spot for some of the locals, there were shamans to visit all around.

It’s an easy walk along a paved path from the local village.

IMG_2267  And a nice walk to and from the falls.

A tree had fallen during a storm a few weeks back

IMG_2270  blocking the path that takes you closest to the falls


No matter, though, I was still able to get close enough.


I love how the morning sun shone through:




A few days later, we stopped at a waterfall called Devil’s Cauldron on our way back to Quito from the Amazon Basin:

IMG_3066 It’s one of the grandest waterfalls in the country but it is also one of the most common places for locals to commit suicide.

Those falls are no joke.  Not only is it a long way down, the waters come down at a high velocity and volume.


After parking at the entrance of the park, it’s a short trek downhill to get to the falls.  At the base, there are several viewing places for you to appreciate the water coming down.


and they flowing away!


For a closer look, you can crawl through this tight tunnel to get behind the water.

IMG_3083 It’s slimy and slippery and really tight quarters!


Here is a view of the water crawling through:


Up the stairs to the top!


The water is like a veil!


Don’t forget, what goes up, has to come down!!  Climbing was a slippery mess but thankfully, I didn’t hurt myself!


Across from the waterfall, there is a restaurant and suspension bridge to get some more views of the water:


Across the bridge


The water doesn’t look so scary!


Nearby, there are many valleys with more waterfalls formed by the years of volcano eruptions:


Through these valleys, there are opportunities for you to zipline or ride in metal cages suspended on wire to cross to the other side:


It’s a long way up but you can get really close to the waterfall!


The country was so green and lush!  Such a contrast to being in California during a drought!

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