trader joe finds for the winter

As the weather gets cold, I start to crave my two favorite winter time foods:  tamales and savory hand pies, or pasties.  Not so ideal to travel during the winter and so,

Growing up in California, I have always been surrounded by really great Mexican food and Christmas always comes with tamales!  So, I was so excited last week to find these at Trader Joe’s:  Red and Green Tamales!!

img_6942img_6943  True, they are not the homemade yummies made by your Mexican grandmother but they are pretty darn close.  And red and green – just in time for Christmas.  The filling is generous too – the red with pork and green with chicken.  Most of the time in these store bought types taste artificial and skimpy on the meat but these are really good.

Over in the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe’s, I found my handmade pies too!

IMG_7379  One of my favorite memories of traveling in the United Kingdom was biting into a delicious hot pasty on a cold winter day.  This combination of potatoes and meat with an ale based sauce in this frozen product is actually not bad compared to real thing.  Thick and savory with a flaky crust that stands on it’s own after microwaving.

It seems these days, there is nothing you can’t find at Trader Joe’s but for this season, I’m glad I have my tamales and hand pies!

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