M&M cookies for the holidays

My staff love it when I bake with M&Ms.  There’s something about the crunch of the candy coating and the sweet chocolate that makes those cookies so good to eat!  Over the holidays, I found these flavored M&Ms at my local Target store and paired them up with chocolate chips:

mint M&M’s with milk chocolate chips:


pumpkin spice M&Ms with butterscotch chips


and semisweet chips with regular M&Ms, since there is milk chocolate inside:


I used the recipe for “Red’s Amazing M&M cookies” found on every bag of party sized M&Ms:img_7012 They turned out great!

I paired these cookies with my favorite from the Baked cookbooks by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito:

img_7060  I’ve got their cowboy cookies from Baked Explorations and their chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate, black forest chocolate, and oatmeal cherry nut cookies from Baked.  Packed as a set of cookies, it was a fantastic sweet treat for the holidays!

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