bdama for dinner

To celebrate the start of a new year, a good friend of mine and I headed down to B-Dama, my favorite, for dinner!  While I had been here many times for lunch, this was actually my first time for dinner!

We got the party started with a sake flight:


And plates of some super fresh sushi!  Grouper, salmon belly, hamachi:

IMG_5929IMG_5925  So beautiful and delicious.

For some flavor, we got their seared white tuna sashimi with ponzu dipping sauce:


Next came appetizers with a plate of assorted tempura, fried perfectly with an interesting ginger flavored dipping sauce:


And roasted brussel sprouts;

IMG_5926 Kinda random for a Japanese restaurant, in my opinion.  Might have went better with the menu if it was cooked in some soy sauce or dashi with some bonito flakes.

The whole fried fish caught our eye on the menu

IMG_5933IMG_5932  This was SOOOOO yummy!!!  It’s pieces of fried fish with a beautiful dipping sauce, served alongside the skin and bones of the fish deep fried after the meat has been extracted.  That skin thing was so delicate and yummy – really special.

Their fish pot was beautiful with fish, tofu and arugula in a clean broth full of great flavors


And their Japanese porridge

IMG_5935 with seaweed and mushrooms.  It was so cold that night that these warm soups really made a nice top off in our bellies as we waddles on out towards home…

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