Beretta has been a long time favorite of mine in the Mission district of San Francisco, California.  I used to go there often for Sunday brunch but it’s been a while since I’ve been back.  So, when my friend suggested that we go there a few weeks ago, I was so excited!

We both started the night off with their Lonsdale cocktail, with gin, apple, lemon, basil, honey:IMG_5889

Then, onto an appetizer of dungeness crab arancini:

IMG_5890  Served with a calabrese aioli, these crispy rice balls have big chunks of crab in the middle and are so yummy.  The aioli is served with fries during Sunday brunch and I love it!!

One of my favorite items from their brunch menu is their carbonara pizza with bacon, eggs, mozzarella, pecorino cheese and cracked black pepper.  It is decadent and delicious and I have probably eaten it about 20 times.  Unfortunately, that is not on the dinner menu.  😦  So, instead, we got their prosciutto pizza with tomato, arugula and mozzarella:

IMG_5892  As I have said in this blog before, a good pizza maker’s skill is best tested with the simplest of ingredients and flavor combinations.  This pizza was fantastic.  I have had this combination of prosciutto, arugala and cheese before – both at restaurants and at home, but this was so yummy.  The crust was so chewy and nicely grilled – just like in Naples, Italy.  (see previous post…h-naples-italy/)  I liked how the arugula was mostly raw, adding a great crunch to each bite.

For our main course, we got their saffron rissotto with osso buco:

IMG_5893  This was so decadent and yummy.  Rich in flavors and in fat, I could have licked the bowl were we not sitting in one of the big communal tables in the middles of the restaurant.

To offset the fat, we got their roasted brussel sprouts:

IMG_5891  Simple and just right

For dessert, it was the holidays and so we got a fruitcake with ice cream:

IMG_5895  This was pretty forgettable – I had forgotten to write down what was in it and nothing really comes back to mind now that I think about it.

All in all, this is one of my favorite places to eat and so glad to have a chance to check them out for dinner.

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