When I lived in Los Angeles, I loved visiting Diddy Riese in Westwood.   (  A shop known for their freshly baked cookies and made to order ice cream sandwiches, it is widely popular with local UCLA students and everyone else in the area.  I have often tried to make ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies at home, but they would never taste the same.  I guess that’s why there’s often a line around the corner at Diddy Riese!

In Berkeley, California, there is a shop with a similar concept called Cream.  (  Here you can get your made to order ice cream sandwiches with similar types of cookies and ice cream as Diddy Riese.  But unlike Diddy Riese, they’ve got way more than ice cream and cookies!  They’ve got ice cream tacos, milkshakes, coffees, and gluten free options.  So, there’s something for everyone!  And with more shops around the bay area, you don’t have to wait so long in line. 🙂

Recently, a Cream shop opened near me.  My sister and I like to get these:

A mini ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies and strawberry ice cream for her


and a carnival cookie (a cookie with colorful candy shelled chocolates) sandwich with green tea ice cream for me.IMG_5586  Mine is regular size, of course. 😉

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