morning in little tokyo

Whenever I have a chance to visit Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, I always make a stop for Mochilatos at Mikawaya!  (118 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, LA, CA 90012)

We are all familiar with ice cream filled mochi:

IMG_1408  Thankfully, you can find these at many local grocery stores and all of your local Trader Joe’s®. 🙂  But at Mikawaya, they’ve got gelato filled mochi.  The gelato is less dense than ice cream and the flavors are more intense.  My favorite mochilato is the Plum Wine, which I never fail to get each time.  On my last visit a few months ago, I paired the plum wine with a raspberry mochilato!

IMG_1409  Delicious!

After our mochilatos, we decided to get something more substantial to eat.  We were in Little Tokyo around 11 am, hoping to grab an early lunch before heading out for more adventures.  But, note to my future self, most of the restaurants in this area do not open until 11:30 am or noon.  With limited options, we sought help from Yelp™ and settled on Shin Sen Gumi Hakata for Ramen.  With over 1500 reviews giving them 4 stars, we headed in for some grub.

They serve only Tonkatsu, or pork bone broth based, ramen.

IMG_1416  You can order extra noodles if you are extra hungry but their main highlight is all the other toppings you can add.  Since there were two of us, we got a variety to share:

IMG_1414 We got seaweed, kimchee, and spinach for some veggie balance.  We then got their “crunchy combination”, which consists of crispy pig ears, crispy onions, and a poached egg.

All together?

IMG_1422  Pretty good!  The crunch pig ears were a bit tough to chew but overall, a great bowl of ramen!

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