monsieur benjamin at night

I have been to Monsieur Benjamin’s for brunch but never for dinner.  (see previous post,  So, I was so excited to check out Cory Lee’s french bistro establishment for dinner!

I settled in to peruse the menu with a glass of muscadet sevre et maine:

IMG_5513  So crisp and delicious.

To start the meal, we ordered their escargot bourdelaise mushroom duxelles, garlic, and parsley:IMG_5515  This was so buttery and delcious.  The escargot was so tender and the rich sauce it was baked in, should definitely be sopped up with some good french bread.

Since we were ordering extra bread to eat up all the sauce, we got their bone marrow with bacon marmalade as well:

IMG_5516  This comes with toasted bread, which they can also give you more of if you ask. 🙂  That bone marrow is fatty and decadent. 🙂

For our main courses, we got their Arctic Char Amadine:

IMG_5519  With hericot verts, sunchokes and a beurre noisette sauce, this was perfectly done.

And their Duck confit with a ragout alicuit, or rustic stew:

IMG_5521  These flavors were incredible and the duck was perfectly tender.

Since there is always room for dessert, who can say no to palmier ice cream??

IMG_5523  Made with one of my favorite french cookies, this was a fantastic end to a decadent meal.

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