A stayover in LA

On my latest trip to LA, my friend and I were trying to find somewhere hip and iconic to stay and wound up at the Mondrian:

iphonenovember2015 1486

Up above Sunset Boulevard,

iphonenovember2015 1499

you are greeted by a space that is chic and modern,

iphonenovember2015 1477

complete with a swing in the middle.

iphonenovember2015 1498

The hotel’s outside patio is beautiful with a pool and bar area:

iphonenovember2015 1495iphonenovember2015 1482

And gorgeous decor:

iphonenovember2015 1494iphonenovember2015 1493

The area is completely transformed after hours by pretty people mingling over drinks at night.


Inside, the halls and ceilings are beautiful:

iphonenovember2015 1476iphonenovember2015 1475

And the rooms are something else!

iphonenovember2015 1473

See this gigantic mirror between the bed and sitting area?


It’s a TV.


The rooms have a chandelier up top


and a gorgeous couch and coffee table to relax by.


The soaps are hip too:

IMG_1150  The bathrooms were a bit outdated, which I was surprised by given how nice the rest of the room was.

But the location was great to explore the Los Angeles are.  In fact, it’s only a 30-40 minute drive to Santa Monica:


With it’s beaches IMG_1315,

boardwalk IMG_1308,

art deco architecture IMG_1321,

and shopping on 4th street:


It’s a great way to spend a day in LA!

IMG_1319 Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the sunset!


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