Buffets for Dinner

Asian people love buffets.  Through all of my travels in Asia, it seems that every major hotel has a feature buffet restaurant and Asian people seem to flood the buffets in Nevada.

Coming from an Asian family, my parents are no exception.  They love their buffets – especially the types where they can get all sorts of Asian food in one meal.  Perhaps, as immigrants, having such familiar foods in unlimited quantities seems to fulfill a sense of home.  Or, more likely, such meals give more bang for the buck and who can pass up such a great deal?

In the Bay Area of California, my parents are partial to these two Buffet establishments:

1. Moonstar:  http://www.moonstarbuffet.com/home


They’ve got a full spread of cooked food, ranging from dim sum to noodles to cooked dishes you would order at Chinese restaurants.  They’ve got a raw bar with oysters, crab legs, and sushi.  There are fruits and salads, as well as desserts.  My favorite part of this place is their made to order noodle and porridge bar:


I like to get their ramen noodles with dumplings and seaweed.

IMG_8431  The broth is weak but it’s not as oily as some of their cooked dishes.

And their preserved egg and pork porridge with chinese donuts:

IMG_8430  It’s got a strong ginger flavor and on the watery side, but not bad.

What’s fun is they have a chocolate fountain

IMG_8432 where you can dip strawberries, marshallows, and rice crispies.

Certain days, you can get souffles:

IMG_8442  or even crepes with ice cream!

2. Tomi:  http://www.tomiseafoodbuffet.com/

Arranged the same way as Moonstar, they’ve got pretty much the same variety of food – raw, cooked, and noodle bar:


And of course,

IMG_5186  The quality here, in my opinion, is slightly better than Moonstar for the cooked food but the sushi and desserts are better at Moonstar.

Overall, not my preference for a meal out but it makes my parents really happy. 🙂

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