more bacon

This weekend, I stopped for lunch at the Bacon Bacon food truck at Off the Grid in Alameda, California.

We started off with their bacon chili fries –

img_8054 With pulled pork, beans, and of course bacon, there are crispy fries on the bottom and a thick layer of cheddar at the top!

My sister got their “banh mi”, which is a nod to the traditional vietnamese sandwich (

img_8055  It’s got a pork patty that is so incredibly delicious.  It is paired with the requisite pickled veggies and cilantro but they add some bacon and use a spicy mayo to bind it all together.  Biting into this, you are instantly reminded of a banh mi but distinctly different and delicious.

I got the California Bacon BBQ Burrito

img_8056  It’s got pulled pork, crispy pork belly, bacon, french fries, cole slaw and BBQ sauce.  I don’t know what makes this a “California Burrito” since “California” often refers to something healthy!

For dessert, their caramel corn with bacon.

img_8053  Yup, it’s delicious!

For last time’s visit, check out:

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