bullet train down to kaoshiung

The bullet trains in Taiwan make it so easy to get around the country these days.  A trip to Kaoshiung at the sounthern tip of the island is only a 2.5 hour bullet train ride away from Taipei, making it an easy day trip.

Right out of the train station, you find yourself at Lotus Pond, where the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are.koreataiwan2012-3 057  You enter through the dragon and exit out of the tiger for good luck.

There are many temples around the lake:

koreataiwan2012-3 048koreataiwan2012-3 097koreataiwan2012-3 101

Alongside the Spring and Autumn pavillions, there pond where turtles nest.

koreataiwan2012-3 114

Heading into the central part of the city, it’s an easy walk through the streets.  But be careful of the mopeds!

koreataiwan2012-3 127

Then on to the ferry terminal at Fisherman’s Warf:

koreataiwan2012-3 136

where mopeds can get on the ferry too!

koreataiwan2012-3 143

Crossing the bay, the skyline offers a nice view

koreataiwan2012-3 155

to the bustle of life on Cijin Island:

koreataiwan2012-3 161

The beach is a short walk away from the ferry terminal, where you can take a walk along the beaches of the island

koreataiwan2012-3 226

or just relax with something good to eat:

koreataiwan2012-3 224

or just have fun:

koreataiwan2012-3 283

There are so many street vendors to chose from along the beach, especially from seafood street!

koreataiwan2012-3 203koreataiwan2012-3 200

From grilled squid

koreataiwan2012-3 215

to oyster pancakes

koreataiwan2012-3 206koreataiwan2012-3 214

steamed sweet potatoes

koreataiwan2012-3 213

fresh tomatoes:

koreataiwan2012-3 188

quail eggs

koreataiwan2012-3 292

fried pancakes

koreataiwan2012-3 293

sugar cane drinks

koreataiwan2012-3 413

and fried dough.

koreataiwan2012-3 401

There is a “mall” along the water that houses many vendors selling dried seafood:

koreataiwan2012-3 238

and dried persimmons!

koreataiwan2012-3 245

Heading back into town,

koreataiwan2012-3 430

We headed up the hill to see some old sites,

koreataiwan2012-3 316  namely a fort and a lighthouse.

The fort once protected the island:

koreataiwan2012-3 332koreataiwan2012-3 364koreataiwan2012-3 349koreataiwan2012-3 337

with great views from the top!

koreataiwan2012-3 340koreataiwan2012-3 322

We got there too late to see the lighthouse, so this is a view from the gate:

koreataiwan2012-3 382

The best part of Kaohsiung through, is their Night Market back on the mainland

koreataiwan2012-3 460

Everyone was so excited to eat!

koreataiwan2012-3 503

With grilled seafood

koreataiwan2012-3 529

oyster pancakes

koreataiwan2012-3 527

a better version of peking duck with fried noodles and veggies

koreataiwan2012-3 545

noodles with fish balls

koreataiwan2012-3 508

All sorts of tripe and intestines

koreataiwan2012-3 484

Fresh fruit like wax apples, cherimoya, and mangoes

koreataiwan2012-3 493

Fresh pineapple cakes

koreataiwan2012-3 522  (I don’t normally like pineapple cakes but these were fantastic!!)

and this fantastic papaya shake with lines around the corner and pictures of celebrities all over the stand!

koreataiwan2012-3 456

In addition to food, they’ve go other goods as well, like these wooden carved instruments,

koreataiwan2012-3 489

and eyelashes,

koreataiwan2012-3 468.  This market is so awesome!!!!!

Worst part of having taken the bullet train was that we had to catch the train to go back to our hotel in Taipei.  Otherwise, it was the perfect day!

For more on my travels through Taiwan, check out:  https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/pingxi-and-shifen/

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