baking with fruity pebbles

I love this recipe from Sunny Anderson via the Food Network:

I wrote about my first try with this recipe here:  They were such a hit that I’ve made a several times since then.  This week, I made a couple of batches of these cookies but decided to try making a cupcake version of it to go along with.  I used the white cake recipe found in Baked by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  They describe the cake as a “canvas” for any accompanying flavor and advised how to adjust the cake into cupcakes, so I thought – hey, why not?

The “confetti” part of these cookies are actually the cereal, Fruity Pebbles©.

img_8228  The problem with using the cereal is that it ended up baking up as a weird extra starch in the cake.  The cereal likely broke up into small pieces as it was mixed into the batter.  I found it hard to eat.  I tried to dress it up with some strawberry frosting, but it only went so far.

I served them up with the cookies (which I knew were winners) and they got gobbled up anyways!


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