At work, they love to order sandwiches for us from Joaquin Deli in San Leandro.  I’ve written about their “other club sandwich” ( and here are a few more of my lunchtime finds:

The Vegetarian Portabella
IMG_6463  A Portabello sandwiched with caramelized onions, spinach, sprouts and sour cream in foccacia bread, this not your simple vegetarian alternative!

The Peppered Turkey

IMG_8116  Made with a delicious aioli, mustard, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce on a ciabatta bread, there is a lot of flavors going on here.  More than just your simple turkey sandwich, it’s got a high salt content too.

The Roast Beef

IMG_8118 Sandwiched also on a ciabatta bread, it is filled with a house made dressing, aioli, tomato and spinach.  If not for all the green, this could be quite heavy with their generous portion of meat but the balance is just right.

So, if you live around here and need a work lunch or just lunch to go, they are worth checking out!

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