hot pot garden

Last night, my family and I celebrated the Lunar New Year at Hot Pot Garden in Milbrae, California.

We gathered around tables with stove tops built in and waited for the pork bone broth to boil so that we can get started with the cooking!


We ordered meat for 10 people –

img_8234  Rib eye, kobe beef, lamb, pork, bacon… YUM.  I have never had bacon with hot pot before and it was FANTASTIC!

Then for the nonmeat – veggies, catfish, fishballs, and ramen:


The lobster and cuttlefish balls were AMAZING –

img_8241  These were sooo good!  If we hadn’t ordered so much, I would have asked for an extra order of these!

They had both dumplings and wontons –

img_8242  Such good flavor and the fillings were generous.

I was so busy eating that I forgot to take photos of the beef tripe and green veggies.  😛  HAHA.  We were so stuffed, it was hard to move after.  Happy New Year!

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