I have always thought it would be fun to grow up in days of sock hops and juke boxes.  But since it is 2016, Mel’s diner will have to do.  And given that it is one of the only places open late at night in the Bay Area of California, you can always count on a delicious greasy meal that hits the spot every time.

I always start with a milk shake – either plain or with malt.  Sometimes, the malt powder can have a heavy hand but no one is judging their talent.IMG_8515

My favorite diner food is a tuna melt with curly fries.

  MMM.  The warmth of grilled toast surrounding tuna and cheese hits the spot each time.

Their chili fries come in close as my second favorite – I mean who can resist chili fries?

A bulk of their menu is actually made up of comfort food entrees like fish and chips

.  Which you can also get with sweet potato fries!

As good old “diner” food becomes a minority to all the find dining around, I’m glad Mel’s still shines a beacon of fluorescent light for a late night, or any night, craving!

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