Santa Barbara Harbor

Do you remember that soap opera “Santa Barbara” from the 80’s?  This image of the dolphin fountain is just about the only thing true to the city in the whole show:

iphone4slastbackup 035

That being said, the California beach town of Santa Barbara has one of the prettiest ocean fronts around.  Lined with palm trees, the sun always shines brightly over the water front

iphone4slastbackup 046

There are trails to ride bikes or go for a jog

iphone4slastbackup 034

A pier to fish off of

iphone4slastbackup 041

Boats and kayaks to charter for a sail

iphone4slastbackup 044

There are also great restaurants along the waterfront that you can watch the sunset as you eat

iphone4slastbackup 038  Specializing in seafood and special occasions as you watch the sun set.  One of the popular places to go is Brophy Brothers, which I wrote about in this post: and has this view walking into the restaurant:


Across from the harbor, you have a great view of the “riviera”

iphone4slastbackup 040  where the rich live and have great views of the coast and the ocean.  What a nice place to live…

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