zingerman’s care packages!

A good friend of mine is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and for each special occasion, she loves to send me care packages from Zingerman’s®.  An establishment well known to all who been to Ann Arbor, their shops have everything from baked goods to cheeses to coffee.  They even do catering and international food tours!

When I first moved into my new home, my friend sent me a box of bread.  Being in California, the freshness didn’t last so long but it all made for good toast.  Recently, she sent me a box of their gelato:

IMG_5471  These were quite rich for gelato – tasted more like somewhere in between real gelato and ice cream.  From the website, they use locally sourced milk to make both the gelato and cheese.  What a variety for homemade gelato!  Lactose intolerate beware, however – it’s heavy on the milk.

Such a creative way to send something special to a friend.  And good advertsisement too – makes me want to go to Ann Arbor!


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