lobsta truck

A few weeks ago, I headed out to Off the Grid® in Alameda, California for some lunch.  To my surprise, there was a new truck in town – the LOBSTA TRUCK!  http://sf.lobstatruck.com/

img_8143  I love lobster rolls and so I was so excited to get in line for some delicious eats.

I had to get one of each of their rolls – the lobster and the crab.  I got the lobster roll with butter (of course) and the crab roll with seasoned mayo.  Both of the rolls had the freshest seafood I have eaten in a while (especially in California!) and the rolls were perfectly toasted in butter.  The seafood portions were generous as well, which was appreciated since they ran around $13-14 each.  🙂

img_8153  I tried not to scarf these down but they were so yummy.  Can’t wait to get some again soon.

They also served soups in cups/pints – the lobster bisque on top and the clam chowder on the botom.

img_8154  As you see, I got so excited that I forgot to take a photo of the lobster bisque before eating more than half of it!  Both were so rich and creamy.  When I was ordering, I was tempted to get more than a cup but after these cups, I realized it was more than enough!

The calendar of their truck locations can be found on their website – don’t miss out!

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