pelican po’boy truck

I love po’boy sandwiches.  While they are pretty much synonymous with food of New Orleans in my book, I never resist a chance to eat one whenever and wherever I see one.

At Off the Grid last week, I encountered the Pelican Po’boy Truck!

img_8147  Complete with images of NOLA artfully graffitti-ed on the truck, it was the smells of something delicious that drew me over.

I got their fried chicken po’boy

img_8152  I generally am biased to the fried seafood po’boys, like catfish and oysters.  But the chicken here was so tender that I didn’t mind it one bit!  The slaw had just the right amount of bite and spice.  The bread was also perfectly crisp on the outside and soft in the inside.  YUM.

Their special of the day was a braise short rib and carmelized onion po’boy.

img_8150-1  The short rib was perfectly cooked and flavors were amazing.  It was a bit to rich and decadent for me to call a “po’boy” but loved it nevertheless.

NOLA too far away?  Check out if you are from the bay area!

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