breakfast pastries

Remember these guys?  Sweet and Savory morning buns from La Farine.  I’ve written about them before and just can’t get enough of them:


But those who can’t walk out of there with a box like me:

  have some true will power.

I’ve recently been hooked on their rustic raisin rye bread


and their almond and apple croissants are always a winner


as well as their orange currant scones:


Their apple pastry is perfect with a Mocha Tesora from Philz across the street at their College Avenue location:


Lately, however in Berkeley, there has been all this buzz about Paris Baguette.  A friend of mine got me a box of these:

IMG_6518  They just don’t have the same fresh-out-of-the-oven-baked-with-love taste as La Farine.  Plus, the first time I tasted goodies from Paris Baguette was in South Korea – in Busan and on Jeju island.  These chain establishments are just not the same.

Plus, La Farine has cakes.  My favorite, as I wrote before, is their Sicilian.  Last week, they had a mini version that I couldn’t resist:


Frangelico soaked chocolate cake, filled with creamy pistachio mousse and chocolate ganache topped with white chocolate buttercream- it was heaven.  Am so lucky to have them in my neighborhood!

For more, check out:

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