Snorkeling in the Galapagos

On my recent travel to the Galapagos islands, I had a chance to snorkel twice.  Here are some of my photos from the trip!

First, was in a swimming hole called “Las Grietas” –

ecuador2015-2 1770  It ran long like a lap pool.  It was almost dusk when I got there and all I could see were these guys:

ecuador2015-2 1762  swimming alongside me.

Next stop was off the coast of Seymour Island

ecuador2015-2 744

Jumping in, we were met by all these guys!

ecuador2015-2 622ecuador2015-2 625

turning the bend, I ran into this white tipped shark!

ecuador2015-2 650ecuador2015-2 651  Scary!

The rest of the swim was like being in an aquarium:

ecuador2015-2 658ecuador2015-2 659ecuador2015-2 672ecuador2015-2 686ecuador2015-2 698ecuador2015-2 702 ecuador2015-2 704ecuador2015-2 712ecuador2015-2 719ecuador2015-2 724  Beautiful!

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