maple and mexican chocolate cupcakes

This week’s confections came from Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito:  their maple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and their sunday night cake in the form of cupcakes:


The maple cupcakes have 2 cups of pure maple syrup in lieu of any sugar.  There is butter and shortening in the batter as well.img_9179 This was probably the moistest cake that I have ever had.  The maple flavor is delicate throughout and goes wonderfully with a cream cheese frosting.

The Sunday night cake is a cinnamon cake with chocolate frosting:

img_9178  I called it a mexican hot chocolate cake because of the combination of cinnamon and chocolate.  I didn’t adjust the recipe at all as I converted it from a cake to cupcakes but it turned out quite well.  It is sour cream based, making it very soft and moist.  The name “sunday night cake” alludes to it’s easy to make recipe – it’s as hassle free as cakes get!

Yummy yummy.

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