cafe jolie

A few weeks ago, I had a rare chance to grab breakfast with my family on a weekday.  So, we headed out to Cafe Jolie’s in Alameda.  On the weekends, there is often a line around the corner for a seat inside.  But on the weekdays, there is ample seating and parking outside.

img_8205  MMM – how nice to enjoy coffee and take it easy in the middle of the week.

One of my sister’s got something simple – the Jolie scramble – potatoes, toast, and scrambled eggs with 3 add ons.  She got the spinach, mushrooms and ham – delicious.


My other sister decided to go more decadent with a Croque Madame:

img_8207  A deep fried piece of brioche with cheese and fried egg, with bechamel sauce on the side.  It was heavy but nice and fatty.

My dad opted for the crab cake benedict:

img_8206  He loves egg benedict and had never had one with crab cake before.  this was ok – they had a weird chipotle sauce on top that kinda threw everything off for me.  But my dad liked it and cleaned his whole plate.

I got their salmon lox florentine:

img_8209  Smoked salmon with salad tossed in a lemon vinegrette, poached eggs, and a red onion relish over a toasted muffin with potatoes on the side.  This was simple and delicious.  I really loved it and made a rendition of it at home several times since then.  Definitely a winner. 🙂

Maybe, one day I’ll brave the weekend crowd but for now, I’ll definitely head over on a weekday off. 🙂

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