Toomie’s Thai

Last weekend, I was craving some Thai food.  So, my friend and I headed over to Toomie’s Thai in Alameda, California for some dinner.

I sipped a tall glass of Thai iced tea as we perused the menu:


We decided to start off with their Tamarind fish off their specialty menu:

img_9192  This was a beautifully deep fried batter that was light and airy.  The fish was perfectly flaky and the sauce was delicious with the mild flavored meat.  I’ve ordered several of their fried fish dishes in the past and I always find them enjoyable.  The batter is never too heavy or oily and the fish is never overcooked.  I think this one of their greatest strengths.

Next, we got their yellow curry:

img_9195  With potatoes, carrots, onions and bell peppers in a coconut milk based curry, this is always an oldie but goodie.

And my favorite is always Pad Thai

img_9197  The flavors are great and there was a good amount of veggies to offer good crunch and texture to the dish.  Doesn’t quite taste the pad thai’s I had in Thailand, but it’s a pretty yummy dish.

Feeling glutinous after dinner, we decided to order dessert – fried banana with coconut ice cream:

img_9198  The batter on these guys was a bit heavy and only good when it came out super hot.  We let a couple get cold before eating and it just wasn’t the same.

The best part of this restaurant for me is getting take out – it’s easy and fast and you can even do it online.  Never disappoints and if you can’t get a seat (or more like parking in that area), you can always get it to go!

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