kitchen of alameda

My parents love eating at the Kitchen of Alameda.  We get take out from here at least 2-3 times a week when they are in town.  On their most recent visit, we decided to dine there for their 3 items for $28.95 special.

You can choose 3 out of 28 items for this meal deal and the portions are pretty good.  We got their fresh clams omlette:

img_8161img_8162  This was very tasty.  The clams were sweet and the eggs were fluffy.

Next, a clay pot with tofu and pork:

img_8165  This was very flavorful – I loved the sauce.  This is so much better hot in the claypot than when my dad brings it back home for take out.

The third item was the stir fried string beans:

img_8164  Always a good dish with any chinese meal.

To round out the meal, we got some salt and pepper pork chops:

img_8163  This had a good amount of meat, which is surprising to me because most of the time this dish is full of bones.  The flavor was good and the meat still tender after frying.

I am most impressed with Kitchen’s consistency – a good meal every time.

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