Aunt Mary’s Cafe

Last week, I grabbed a late lunch at Aunt Mary’s Cafe.  I’ve been wanting to come here for a while but there is always a long line wrapped around the corner.  Since it closes at 3 pm each day, I decided to grab a late lunch on my day off.

I love my chicken and waffles, so I was immediately drawn to their grits waffle with fried chicken:

img_9524 A waffle made with grits and flour, the grits gave it a sticky/chewy texture.  I couldn’t decide if i liked it or hated it, but eaten together with the fried chicken and drenched in maple syrup, it’s not too bad.  The fried chicken was boneless, which made it easy to eat.  You could also get this with a sage gravy but the syrup was just fine.

Tempted by everything else on the menu, I decided to get some sandwiches to go.

This is their fried catfish sandwich with remoulade, tomato, and lettuce on a hoagie roll:

img_9527 The fish was very tender and nicely fried.  Remoulade is sauce similar to an aioli with the tartness of tartar sauce and this one was fantastic.

This is their corned beef sandwich with a spicy slaw, thousand island dressing, and gruyere cheese:

img_9528  Sandwiched between nicely toasted rye bread, this was hearty and full of flavor.

Their fried chicken is sandwiched with a tomato-caper relish, chipotle aioli, and gruyere cheese:img_9526  This relish was fantastic and balanced well with aioli.

All three of these sandwiches were served with a side salad, which was packed up for me to go:img_9531

And finally, the oyster po’boy with onion rings:

img_9530  I have eaten many po’boys in my life and this is one of my favorites.  Perfectly fried oysters with , jalapeno slaw, and remoulade on a hoagie roll.  I was so sad when this sandwich was done.  The onion rings were lightly battered and fried – very crispy and delicious.

What struck me most about these sandwiches was how thoughtful and creative they were in their flavor profiles and textures.  Loved the aiolis, which were applied at just the right amount – not too overpowering and just enough to add some moisture and flavor.  The remoulade was also fantastic and balanced well with the seafood.  These are all popular sandwiches – corned beef, fried chicken, fried catfish, and fried oyster.  But Aunt Mary’s elevated them each into something special and incredibly yummy.  Can’t wait to go back and now I know why there is always a line around the corner…

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