More Sampling…

Always sampling trying to find new and better products.  Here are some of my latest sample experiments:

Moisture for the face:

Clarins® multi active Day Cream – This is very firming and heavy.  My skin could not breathe.  Given that I have oily skin, this did not work for me.

Dior® Dreamskin perfect skin creator  – this is tinted!!  Has the typical Dior fragrance but went on smoothly.

Murad® hydrodynamic® ultimate moisture – thick and firming but less thick that creams.  The firming is for age reform but not good for oily skin.

Boscia® Revitalizing black hydraction gel – this comes out black but goes on clear.  It’s cooling and I really liked the feel on my skin.

MD Solar Science® mineral cream – this is tinted and skin perfecting.  My skin looks flawless with this and it is lightweight as well.  I loved this enough to buy it!

Perricone MD® Face Finishing moisturizer – this is nice but it has a floral fragrance to it.  Not too thick and my skin feels nice with it.

Amore Pacific® Future Response Age Defense cream with SPF 30 – this is also very thick and has a fragrance to it.  My skin couldn’t breath with this.

Ole Henriksen® Sheer Transformation brightening hydration – this is thicker than a lotion and almost like a gel.  Even so, it didn’t feel to heavy on the face.

Bobby Brown® Extra Repair Moisture cream – this had a weird lemon vs medicine smell.  It was also super thick and my face could not breathe.  It’s terrible.

Ole Henriksen® face oil – this was super sticky and really oily.  Not only was my face all shiny but it made a mess everywhere.

Guerlain® Abeille Royale face treatment oil – this was not that oily and went on really nice to the skin.  Better than the OH one but still don’t like the oils on my skin.

Algenist® Multi-Perfecting pore corrector gel moisturizer – I love gel moisturizers and this one is really nice.  Good aeration, not sticky, no weird scent, and feels nice on my skin.

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream – goes on light like a gel.  Not heavy, no scent and really moisturizing for my face.

For the Eye:

Algernist® Complete Eye Renewal eye Balm – this has a minty smell with tingling sensation to it.  I love it!

Philosophy® Renewed Hope in a Jar for eye – this is firming and thick.  It is not oily but I could feel it all over my eyes.

Ole Henrikson® Ultimate Lift Eye creme – this is really nice.  It’s smooth and cooling without feeling oily at all.

Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt® – this is thick and firm like a crayon but feels nice on the eyelids.

Clarins® Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate – this goes on smooth and it is not that heavy.  I could feel it firming the skin around the eye.

For the body:

Bliss® Triple Oxygen + C energizing cream – this is a pretty nice lotion.  Not too thick and not sticky.

Fresh® Seaberry Restorative Body Cream – this feels dry when it goes on the skin but it actually moisturizes very well.

Wash for the face:

Glamglow® mud to foam cleanser – I love this.  It looks like mud but foams up really nice and gives my skin a really good clean.  All the dirt and oil are all washed away!

Boscia® Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel – this is comes out like an oil but with a face brush, it foams up nicely and left my face feeling fresh.

Clinique® foaming sonic facial soap – this foams up really nicely with a brush (and not just a sonic one).  My face is left feeling fresh like when I use their bar soap but easier with the brush.

First Aid Beauty® Face Cleanser wtih FAB antioxidant booster – this cleans like a cold cream (such as Noxema®).  My face feels fresh and clear of all soot for the day.

Omorovicza® Refining Facial Polish – it’s got a blue color with fine sand inside.  It really polishes my face and cleans at the same time.

Origins® Checks and Balances™ frothy face wash – this is a nice cleanser.  It froths more with a face brush and elaves a good clean.

Origins® Modern Friction™ – described as “Nature’s Gentle dermabrasion”, it really is very gentle.  The sand is very fine, like Caudale® deep cleansing exfoliator

Korres® Greek Yogurt Foaming Cream Cleanser – foams better if you use a brush.  If you don’t use a brush, it is like a cream on your face.  Nevertheless, it cleans well

For sunscreen:

MDSolar Science® sunscreen – smooth and not sticky.  That’s the kind I like but it doesn’t really protect as well as some of the more mainstream sunscreens.

YSL® Le Teint Touche Eclat sunscreen – this is very light and goes on nicely.  There is a tint to it with a typical YSL fragrance.

For the Hair:

VERB® shampoo and conditioner – overall, it worked pretty good but nothing really stood out about it for me.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it.

Bumble and Bumble® Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner – I used this after a day of snorking in Belize and it was FANTASTIC.  My hair felt so silky and soft afterwards!


Fresh® Rose face mask – this comes out as a jelly but unlike other jelly face mask, it doesn’t harden.  It just stays wet and sticky on the face.  It can be used daily, which could explain the texture.  I think because it’s neither a daily wash or a occasional mask, my face just kinda felt so-so at the end.

Sephora® Pearl Mask – like their other masks, this one sucks all the oil and dirt out.  I could only leave it on for about 10 of the 15 minutes before taking it off because my face started to feel irritated.  About 20 minutes after the mask, though, my face felt firm and refreshed.

Just some of my thoughts, guys.  Remember, I have oily and nonsensitive skin.  Sample with caution.

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