take out from clove and hoof

Driving along Broadway in Oakland, California, I have driven past an establishment called Clove and Hoof many times.  It’s a butchery and a restaurant with great reviews and last weekend, I decided to stop in for some take out.

It’s got a butcher shop type feel when you walk in and the tables are high with stools as chairs.image  In the glass cabinet, there are a variety of meats you can choose from to go:


While I didn’t purchase any meat to take home to cook, I ordered several of this week’s menu offerings to go.  The menu changes each week and is suppose to be updated online.  When I looked though, the menu was not updated; but no worries, the nice hostess read it out to me on the phone so that I could order ahead.

To start, I got their smoked pork belly with collard greens, cornbread puree, and red-eye gravy.

image  I was intending to get the collard greens as a side but why not get it with pork belly instead?!?!  This was delicious.  The pork belly was soft and tender and the cornbread puree was a interesting twist on your typical corn bread.

Also to start, I got the Beef Tongue Pastrami with crispy spaetzle, beet puree, and puffed tendon.

image  This is probably the best thing I have eaten in a really long time (and I eat a lot!!!).  The pastrami was so tender and flavorful.  Together with the puffed tendon and crispy spaetzle, this texture combination was amazing and the beet puree beautifully bound everything together.  I loved this.

I cannot resist chicken and waffles – I really can’t!

image  This is a fish sauce caramel fried chicken, fennel pollen waffle, pomegrante, and maple syrup.  The flavor of this chicken batter was amazing – it had great flavor and a perfect crisp.  I couldn’t taste the fennel in the waffle, though, and wish that there was more waffle to go with the chicken.

In honor of the pig, I got their smoked pork chop with creamy polenta, pea tendrils, spring onion, rhubarb, and bacon miso vinagrette.

image  It is no wonder that the pork chop is delicious – afterall, it’s a butcher shop too!  the bacon miso vinagrette was beautiful and all the other components made the dish interesting all around.

For the sides, this is their pork and beans with fried breadcrumbs:

image  Usually the beans part tends to override dishes like this but not here – the there was a generous helping of pulled pork throughout.  It had a great smoky flavor too.  The breadcrumbs were more of a thickener than a textural component, but probably because I got it to go and it was a while before we ate it.

And finally, their fries with pickle mayo

image  There is actually pickle in this mayo and it was YUM-O.  The pickle added this beautiful depth to the mayo and went so well with the fries.

My friend enjoyed the spread as well and we are already planning to go back to have a meal there.  For dessert, we got these two yummies to go from Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco:

image  A kouign amann with dark chocolate ganache and a square cake with milk chocolate caramel and cinnamon.  SOOOO good.

Who says take out has to be fatty and boring??  This was totally YUM!



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