iyasare tonite

Tonite, I had to bring my phone into get fixed at the Apple® store on 4th street in Berkeley and could not resist going into Iyasare for dinner.

img_9787  It was a rainy Tuesday night and I pretty much had the restaurant to myself and my kindle®.  So, I started off with a weeknight cocktail – the Green Light:

img_9777  A mix of st. george terroir gin, matcha green tea milk, basil agave, lemon juice – it was strong!!  Flavorwise, it was tart and tasty with a beautiful foam on top.

My first dish was the Ocean Umami – raw scallop, ikura (salmon ovaries), sea urchin, fermented wasabi leaf, and nori ponzu.

img_9779 I was curious about what this was going to come out as and skeptical when I was given such small portions.  But, where it was small, it was bold in flavor and creativity.  Each bite of this was fantastic – a perfect balance of freshness and salt without tasting too fishy.

Next, the bacon wrapped mochi:

img_9781  I have been wanting to try these FOREVER, but everyone I have come here with has not wanted to eat them. Tonite, I was by myself and so I was so excited when this got to the table.  The mochi were beautifully crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.  The teriyaki sauce drizzled on top helped to tie in the bacon flavor to the mochi.  Wrapped in nori, it was like a taco from heaven.

For my main course, I could not decide between the Okonomi Pancake and the Spicy Mentaiko Spaghetti – so, I got both. 😉

The pancake came on a hot plate, sizzling as it was set down before me.  Drizzled with a chili ponzu on top, it was like a Korean pancake with cabbage, bonito flakes, shrimps, and scallops with a mentaiko aioli on top.

img_9786  I loved this.  High on salt content, but really flavorful.

The spaghetti was perfectly al dente and the sauce was made of spicy cod roe mashed into a cream-like sauce.

img_9785  There was some raw squid and kaiware radish on top, finished with a garlic ginger butter.  Mixed together, this was fantastic.  I meant to only eat half, since I had ordered so much, but I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it all. 🙂  So creative and flavorful – not fishy at all but the sauce was pretty salty from all the roe.  The radish and squid really helped to lighten things up and added great texture to each bite.

It may be Tuesday and today may have sucked a little, but dinner pretty much made up for it.


For previous meals at Iyasare, check out https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/iyasare-for-dinner/


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