mexico rocks

Off the shores of north San Pedro Island in Belize, is an area of ocean called “Mexico Rocks”.  I could not find a good picture of this online before we set sail, so I really had no idea what to expect.  But I was in awe as we sailed into this gorgeous area of water.


We docked the boat in the clearest waters I have ever seen:


And met by so many fish as we jumped in!


Mexico Rocks is actually the name of a shallow area of water, full of corral and sea life.  This was one of the guys we saw on our snorkel:

img_9808  How cool is this photo!

The fish swam alongside the ray – no fear, just harmonic coexistence:


The corals were beautiful:


The purple ones were by far my favorite.  I loved seeing the fish swimming around the corals:


This guy is called the spanish hog fish because he is the color of saffron:


Schools of salmon and trout swim together and they like to hang out in the shade:


It’s like a giant fish tank!



There are also a lot hidden beneath all the beauty if you look hard enough…

We found this family of lobsters hiding out in the center of this photo:


Or this ray in the sand:


I can’t believe my dive master found this guy!


And see that shark tail poking out?


This was a great snorkel adventure.  It’s not one of the more popular snorkel destinations in Belize, but so worth it.  There is so much wild life and beauty to be seen.  It’s also much less crowded than the more popular Hol Chan, so you have less snorkelers to collide into and more time to to focus on the prettier swimmers. 🙂

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