zero degrees

Recently, I saw a photograph on Instagram® for this beautiful matcha green tea horchata from Zero Degrees in Westminster, California.  When planning for what to eat on my trip to Orange County last weekend, I made sure we stopped there to try some!

image  This, my friends, was YUMMY.  It was so smooth and gave me a whole new way of drinking a tea latte. 🙂  I loved the grain based milk with cinnamon and the tea together.  It actually wasn’t sweet and sticky like some other places (wink), and really just highlighted the flavors involved.

But, of course, I can’t drive all the way out here and just get a horchata!  So, with all these crazy flavors of ice cream to choose from,

image  What to get next!?!?

How about a “Boba Sundae” with Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream and condensed milk?

image  This was such an interesting concept.  The condensed milk actually went really well with the ice cream, which really captured all the flavors of the thai tea.  I normally don’t like boba (tapioca balls) but I loved the texture that the boba brought to each bite.

Finally, a mangonada two ways – as a drink and a sundae:


These mangonadas has Dole whip™ (a pineapple soft serve sorbet), chamoy sauce (a sweet, salty , pickled sauce), tamarind, chili powder, and mango.  Given that we were in Westminster, otherwise known as Little Saigon in Orange County, mango is often eaten with salt and chili in this culture.  This was such a delicious variation of that.  I loved the addition of tamarind with lime to the mix.  The mango was not that ripe, but it’s also not mango season.  A bit too sour for some of my friends but I loved it. 🙂  So tart and refreshing!

The pretty bottles you see photos of the drinks being served in online actually cost a few dollars.  So, I’m ok without one this time. 🙂

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