a walk around stonehenge

No one knows how Stonehenge came about, but it’s uniquely arrange stones are really amazing to see.

We got here just as the sun was breaking through the clouds:

UnitedKingdom2013 5295UnitedKingdom2013 5233

There is actually a visitor center with paths and benches leading up to the main attraction:

UnitedKingdom2013 5287  The number of buses pulling up with us was amazing!

It really is in the middle of nowhere – look at all those sheep grazing nearby!

UnitedKingdom2013 5277

These stones are arranged in a circle but look different from every angle!

UnitedKingdom2013 5281UnitedKingdom2013 5267

There is a fence surrounding the stones but my zoom shots turned out pretty good:

UnitedKingdom2013 5268UnitedKingdom2013 5276 UnitedKingdom2013 5263UnitedKingdom2013 5252

As the sun moves, the stones come to life:

UnitedKingdom2013 5255UnitedKingdom2013 5253 UnitedKingdom2013 5242UnitedKingdom2013 5243

As you walk around, it was hard to not take a picture of every view:

UnitedKingdom2013 5230UnitedKingdom2013 5227UnitedKingdom2013 5225UnitedKingdom2013 5224UnitedKingdom2013 5223UnitedKingdom2013 5222

What an experience!

UnitedKingdom2013 5215

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