north channel and the coral gardens

It was a stormy day in February when I joined a small snorkel group out to waters in Ambergris Caye.  First stop, the North Channel to hopefully see some manatees in the wild:

img_9864  Those waves were big but I was the only one hesitant to get into the water.  I wanted a chance to see manatees in their natural habitat (as opposed to going to the reserve), so I embraced the nausea induced with each rock of the boat and went in:


Unfortunately, everyone was hiding out.  The manatees usually sleep in the grass below but it was just too cold out.  😦

Next stop, coral gardens:

img_9869  From above, it doesn’t look like much.  But from below, it’s really like a garden!


That’s a sea cucumber!


I have never seen so many types of corals in one place!

img_9875img_9874img_9877img_9878img_9883img_9881img_9879img_9880  Not much fish out because of the weather, but the snorkel was really to see the corals.

It may not look like much from above, but it’s an adventure down there!


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