day at the symphony

Last weekend, I went to an afternoon performance of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra at the Davies Symphony Hall.  As I was trying to find my way through the hall to meet my friends, I came across the display case of Grammy’s® won by the main orchestra for performances past.  There is reflection of City Hall in the window – so cool:


The youth orchestra is made up of middle and high school students:

image  Closing my eyes, it was hard to imagine that these performers were so young because the sound was brilliant.  The program started with Rossini’s “Overture to William Tell”, which was fresh and fun.  Loved the string work and the drums.  There was a solo by one of the cellist was beautiful.

The second piece was Schubert’s “Symphony Number 5 in B flat Major” performed in 4 parts – allegro, andante con moto, menuetto: allergro molto, and allegro vivace.  This was a very long piece, especially the last movement and i was very impressed with the stamina of the performers.  The group here was a subset of the main orchestra, made up of mostly the string and wind instruments.

The last piece was Sibelius’ “Symphony No. 6, Opus 104” in 4 movements – allegro molto moderato, allegretto moderato, poco vivace, allegro molto.  Featuring several soloists, one of the audience members near me exclaimed “I can’t believe they are so young” at the end.  Again, so brilliant and the sound was crisp and clear.

What an amazing experience for these kids to be able to have their talent highlighted on such a big stage.  Bravo, guys – glad to share the afternoon with you all!

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