a rainy day in hue

In the center of Vietnam is the city of Hue, which had once been the capital city of the country.  With it’s palaces and temples still intact, it is also now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Perfume River runs through the city and the day we got there, a sudden rainfall overflowed the water into the streets.  Locals were used to such flooding and life went on as usual:

vietnam2011 762vietnam2011 763  Pretty crazy how they aren’t all falling into the streets!

First stop after our arrival was to the Mandarin Cafe for a bowl of pho and a banh khoai, the rice cakes of the royals:

vietnam2011 774  With tofu and bean sprouts to wrap around and dipped in sauce, it was delish!

The coolest part of this cafe was the art work – photographs of everyday life and everyday people against the beautiful backdrop of Vietnam.

vietnam2011 787

After we fueled up, we headed off to the old Imperial City via the Ngo Mon Gate, or the gate of noon:vietnam2011 816vietnam2011 821

Tuk Tuk anyone?

vietnam2011 824

Heading up to the top of the gate to a structure known as the Citadel,

vietnam2011 870

the view was majestic:

vietnam2011 847

The old bell and drum are still played out to the courtyard:

vietnam2011 836vietnam2011 851


The details of the palace are still pretty preserved:

vietnam2011 846vietnam2011 858

At the center of the compound is the Can Chanh Palace:

vietnam2011 855vietnam2011 874

Inside here is the golden throne,which you weren’t allowed to take pictures of:

vietnam2011 895vietnam2011 921

I loved the details of the garden:

vietnam2011 923vietnam2011 934

Behind the palace are the Halls of Mandarins, which had been where official palace business was conducted:

vietnam2011 892

The surrounding courtyards were beautiful, even when they are drowned in water:

vietnam2011 878vietnam2011 881

Heading out of the palace, I saw this little boy fishing:


vietnam2011 973  This is probably my favorite photo I have ever taken.

Our next stop was the Thien Mu Pagoda, an historic temple in the city of Hue:

vietnam2011 975

It was raining pretty hard when we got there, as we all tried to get out of the rain and see the buddha statues inside:

vietnam2011 999vietnam2011 1001

There was a beautiful bonsai garden on the grounds, which made it peaceful to walk around even in the rain:

vietnam2011 1036vietnam2011 1037

On the outskirts of town, we went to visit the Tu Duc Tombs

vietnam2011 1249 created for Emperor Tu Duc.

The Luu Khiem Lake sits in the middle of these grounds:

vietnam2011 1135vietnam2011 1150vietnam2011 1185

Over the lake sits Xung Khiem Pavilion, where the Emperor would read poetry to his concubines:

vietnam2011 1124vietnam2011 1136 (1)

Here is where the emperor lies:

vietnam2011 1201  With the guards at his side: vietnam2011 1161

Up top is the Hoa Khiem Temple, which is where the royals worshipped:

vietnam2011 1223vietnam2011 1232

Can’t believe all that for a burial ground!!!

Back at the hotel, we were met by a woman dressed in traditional clothing playing a zither:

vietnam2011 1052

And we toasted the day with a glass of Vietnamese white wine:

vietnam2011 1055  which was absolutely terrible!

But nonetheless, a great day in Hue!

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