Easter Cutouts

Easter is a few days away and it’s time to bring out my Easter cookie cutters!

image  I only get to use these once a year and my go to recipe has always been these cream cheese based sugar cookies from William Sonoma®:

image  I’m not so great with decorating (no patience), and so I made them pretty with some festive sprinkles and pearls instead.

In honor of all those who lost their lives from the bombings in Brussels this week, I made speculaas with a recipe from Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito:

image  A Belgian cookie full of cinnamon and spice, taking a bite of these brought back memories of wandering the streets of Brussels while munching on a bag of these from Maison Dandoy (http://www.maisondandoy.com/en/home/)

Over the holidays, I made these “adult version” gingerbread cookies from Baked Explorations:

img_7059  The light colored cookies are gingerbread laced with rum, while the dark ones are chocolate molasses that I spiked with Kahlua®.  What I liked about these recipes is is that the dough was very clean and easy to work with:

image  No flour needed to cover the rolling surface – it rolls out well on it’s own without sticking.  The rum gingerbread uses about 1.5 cups of molasses while the chocolate ones only use a half cup.  A bottle of Grandma’s® molasses from your local grocery store is about 2 cups, so it works out perfectly with no leftover stickiness.  Since I had these cookie cutters out and the oven was going, I made these cookies again in Easter shapes:


At the end of the evening, I had churned out about 100 cookies and my kitchen smelled of gingerbread and cinnamon.  And while those may not be the flavors of spring, they were all gone by the end of today!


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