Recently, a good friend of mine introduced me to “tawashi scrubbers”.  It’s a crocheted dish scrubber made with this special acrylic anti-microbial yarn found only in Japan and South Korea.  Curious about them, I convinced another friend of mine, who was headed back to South Korea for a visit, to bring back some yarn for me to play with.  The yarn was not easy to find, apparently, but my friend hit the jackpot at garment district in Seoul:


And she lugged all this back for me to play with!!!  What a great friend!


After I got the yarn, I went online to figure out what to do with them.  It was then I realized that these types of scrubbers are popular all over the place!  Instead of this special acrylic yarn though, crafters on Ravelry® and Etsy® use acrylic yarn from brands like Red Heart® Super Saver® or 100% cotton by Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream®.  I tried a bunch of patterns with those yarns first and decided on these three for my special yarn!

First, a simple double sided circle:


I made variations with different colors:


Then a spiral scrubber, which is basically a crocheted rectangle folded in half:


The tops are pulled together in purse strings:


The wider the rectangle, the bigger the spiral:


And then a flower:


Make two and sew them together for some depth:


The hardest part of working with this yarn was the prickly fuzz, which is actually responsible for the scrubber effect.  It not only made it hard to see where the loops go but it also scratched my fingers with each stitch.  I had to have the light on bright when working with it and I have some serious callouses on my fingertips now!

But it was so fun to create other shapes/objects to scrub with !  in the end, that bag of yarn from Korea became all of these:


Too bad this yarn is not so accessible in the US.  Each ball is about 2 Korean Won, which is less than 2 USD.

IMG_7746  One of these could make 8 scrubbers.  This would be a fun business plan if I didn’t have to go all the way to South Korea to get my supplies!

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