addam’s family – the musical


There was a flash sale on tickets for “The Addams Family” musical at the Berkeley Playhouse at the end of last week.  I had been thinking about getting tickets to this for a few weeks but was lazy about it since the website showed so many open seats.  When the sale happened, I bought mine right away, which was good because the playhouse was almost sold out when I got there tonite!

This was so much fun!  The music about ghouls, morbidity, and death were cleverly written and funny.  The story line was about Wednesday Addams (played by Chelsea Holifield) falling in love with a “normal boy” (who wants to be a medical examiner to look at dead people – go figure).  Gomez and Morticia were played by Alex Rodriguez and Taylor Bartolucci and they were wonderful.  The rest of the cast was also great, but it was Uncle Fester who stole the show.  Played by Nick Quintell, the man can dance and sing like the best of the them.  The audience and I laughed so hard at all his jokes and the couple behind me would squeal each time he came out.  Pugsley was so cute and really nailed the part.

This is running for 2 more weeks and there are still lot of seats available, so go check it out!

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