cam hoang

After my last post about eating Pho in Irvine a few weeks ago (“pho stop in the OC), I felt compelled to follow up with a post on one of my favorite Vietnamese haunts in Oakland, California.  While the food is good and cheap, the wait staff is rude and they often talk smack about you in Vietnamese behind your back.  My actual favorite haunt is BC Deli Sandwiches, but they have been closed for over a year for renovations.

But if you can look past the customer service piece, Cam Hoang has all the necessary eats to satisfy my vietmamese food cravings.

They’ve got spring rolls of all different kinds.  I like to get their combination packs with beef, shrimp and veggie together:

IMG_1625  While the one we had in Irvine was $6 for 2, this was only $3.

My favorite Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) is one with fish cake and they’ve got it here:

IMG_1626  It’s not always available and so I’m always glad to find it.

They sell noodle and rice plates to go:

image  It’s got a lot of MSG but pretty yummy and definitely hits the spot.  Bun’s are my favorite thing to eat at Vietnamese restaurants and so I love getting this to go.

They’ve also got the largest selection of cooked food out of any of the Vietnamese restaurants in the area.  From pad thai to veggie stir-fry, there is so much to choose from:


See the green pile in the middle of all that food?  It’s my favorite – pandan waffle.

IMG_1624  Pandan is a tropical plant that is often used in rice and bread to enhance coconut flavors.  There are coconut flakes in these waffles too and it is one of my favorite snacks to eat.  It’s expensive though – often $3 per waffle – but well worth it.

So, not all good Vietnamese food has to be that expensive but it does require some venture into the grit of the city to get it.

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