easter at miette

What is a better time for special candy than Easter!??!  Eggs, bunnies, flowers, and all the images of spring offer cute vehicles for sweetness.  And at my favorite candy shop Miette in San Francisco, it was no different:


Of course I had to buy a bunch!


There were gummy cupcakes, bunnies, ducks and sheep:

image  These are the creamy ones that come either plain or with sugar coating.

Some were sour and and clear gummies too:

image  Love all the different types of bunny and duck shapes they came up with!

But the eggs were my favorite.  There were the same sour and milky ones as the bunnies and ducks, but they had these striped eggs as well.  These striped eggs were sweet and chewy on the outside but tart in the center.  How did they do that????

image  They had robin’s eggs as well with a crunchy blue candy shell on the outside and with a chewy caramel chocolate mixture on the inside.  Yummy.

image  Love the pastels!

Also in the shop that day, they had some licorice coated with either strawberry and grape powder:

image  These were weird.  The powder had a tartness to it that just did not go well with the licorice.  I hate to say it, but they were yuck.

New in the ice cream freezer the day I stopped in were these coconut ice cream sandwiches:

image  So creamy and intense in coconut flavor that I licked my fingers at the end to savor each bite.  Their usual flavors are creme fraiche and chocolate with a third variable flavor.  I’ve enjoyed their pistachio and earl gray, but this is my first time for coconut.  It was great!


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