an act of god


I love Sean Hayes.  And while I try not to pigeon hole actors into one particular persona or role, I can’t help but call him “Jack” (his character on the sitcom”Will and Grace”).

I got to see “Jack” this past weekend in the play “An Act of God”, showing a the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco. In the production, he plays God coming to earth to speak to mortals in the form of “Sean Hayes.”  In his God persona, Sean Hayes admits that he is best known for his role as “Jack” with the “Cher episode” being his favorite.

The play centers around God addressing all of his pet peeves with us humans on earth and how he would rewrite the 10 commandments in this era.  Pet peeves like he doesn’t care to bless us when we sneeze, he hates it when people kill in his name b/c if he wanted them dead, he “would have killed them himself”, or being “over rationalized” with sayings like “when God closes the door, he opens a window.”  It was so witty, I couldn’t stop laughing.

There were some serious notes too – like grappling with the concept of whether or not God answers prayers or why do bad things happen to good people, he doesn’t quite answer.  “Jack” showed emotion of anger, remorse, guilt, sarcasm – sides of God that we don’t necessarily associate with the creator of the earth.

I think it appeals to all people – Christians and Atheists a like – you just have to have a sense of humor and be willing to talk about and process your own faith.

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