breathe easy

During my trip to Ecuador, a woman on my tour group wore a long sleeved shirt through the Amazon.  I was sweating bullets the whole time, so when i saw her, I went over and asked if she was hot!

But she wasn’t – she was actually quite comfortable.  The shirt she was wearing was an “Anahatasana LS tee” from Lululemon®.  The fabric is a blend of Pima Cotton and LYCRA®.  It is lightweight and breathable, so it was good enough to protect my friend from the mosquitoes but not thick enough to be too hot.

Last weekend, these shirts were all marked down 40% at my local Lululemon®!!  So, I got one of each color:

image  They’ve got thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place too.  And more than just a good cover in hot weather, they are great to layer under sweaters/sweatshirts in the cold weather.  They are so light, it’s minimal weight to add to your luggage but so essential when traveling in unpredictable weather.  What a great investment – thanks for the recommendation, friend!

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