sidecar doughnuts

My sisters both love doughnuts.  So, on a weekend getaway with the two of them and some friends, we sought out Sidecar doughnuts and coffee in Costa Mesa.

imagetiffanydisney2016 168

Known for their freshly made unique donuts, there was a large crowd gathered when we arrived around 1 pm.  They’ve got a great selection of daily flavors, both sweet and savory.  They’ve even got a breakfast sandwich type called a country ham and egg with poached egg, ham, and hollandaise sauce:


tiffanydisney2016 169  You can see the doughnut lady making donuts right in front of you!

But we had just come back from lunch and so we were more interested in something sweet.  So many to choose from:

tiffanydisney2016 152

And they’ve got monthly specials too:

image  This month’s special was peanut butter and coconut cream.

We got a selection of 5 doughnuts:

image  Maple bacon, vanilla twist, huckleberry and the two specials.

Each doughnut was so warm and soft.  The flavors were fantastic in the maple bacon and the vanilla twist.  The huckleberry kinda fell short in comparison.  But the peanut butter and coconut cream ones were DIVINE.  Brimming with creams of the most intense flavors, they were so decadent.  It was like eating a pie in a doughnut!

One of my sisters said this was the “best doughnut she ever had”, which was saying a lot because she has had a lot of doughnuts!  So, make your way to get some!!

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