Scrapbooking with Instax

I have to say, scrap booking is my least favorite craft.  That was until I discovered Instax®.  I grew up in the era when Polaroid® cameras were all the rage and I loved watching the film develop before my eyes.  The Instax® camera is a Polaroid® camera but the pictures are smaller and cuter – perfect for a scrapbook.  My only complaint about them is that you have to have good – no great – lighting for the pictures turn out well.

While on the website for Michael’s® ( trying to buy some film for my Instax® camera, I found the Fujifilm Instax Share™ Smartphone Wireless Printer.  And this, my friends, changed my scrap booking life forever.  You download an app to your smart phone called “Instax share”, which hooks up the printer to the photos on your phone.  Then you can print whatever you want!  I love the camera on my iphone® and the photos it takes are better than all of my cameras.  So, to be able to print those photos as polaroids is so much fun.

I love to juxtapose these polaroids with actual photos and stickers throughout a scrapbook:

image  The Instax® pictures are so cute and special!

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