breakfast at feel good

When Feel Good Cafe in Alameda, California closed some time back, I was so sad.  I have written about the Feel Good Cafe and Bakery many times before (search “feel good” or check out the last post: and loved everything I have eaten from them.

A few months ago, the space that had once been the cafe opened back up to be a small outpost of their bakery.  Not as full big or as complete as the main bakery, but good enough for a quick stop for some treats.  Last week, I stopped in for a few breakfast treats.  An orange almond turnover and a classic apple turnover:

image  The apple was a winner but the orange almond was a little weird.  The filling was paste-like, as expected with an almond croissant, but the orange was a little off putting to me.

I also got a couple of scones:  chocolate rosemary and orange chocolate

image  These were so dry and not good at all.  The rosemary with the chocolate was so weird and I couldn’t eat more than a bite or two at a time.  It was as if they forgot to add the butter to the batter for these guys. 😛

The upside, is that the location on Encinal Avenue has a lot more parking than their location on Park Street.  This is the first time I’ve ever been disappointed in anything from here before but I’ll be back to try some more.

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