Last weekend, my family and I checked out Gyu-Kaku in San Mateo, California.  It’s a Japanese style BBQ restaurant chain and I was curious to see how it differed from a Korean BBQ joint.

Our meal started off with the requisite bowl of miso soup and and edamame:


For an appetizer, we could not resist the fried bacon:

image  This is basically fried pieces of fat…with some salt on the side.  Y-U-M.

In contrast, we got their fried calamari with dipping sauce:

image  Pretty generous portions and the dipping sauce had a nice tang to it.

My nephew wanted the garlic noodles with beef:

image  This was so flavorful, we ended up ordering another one later on!

There are several meal combinations to choose from, with adjustable portions depending on how many people are in your part.  We got their “meat lovers combination” for 4.  This started out with a cooling salad:


And some chicken karage:

image  It had the same sauce as the fried calamari – weird, but still good. 🙂

Then came a selection of marinated meats in miso and sweet soy.  Bistro hanger, yaki shabu, and New York steaks were marinated in miso, while toro beef and angus beef ribs were marinated in sweet soy.  In addition to the beef, you have chicken basil in the middle on the left and some garlic shrimp on the right.


A lot of food, right?  Not for us!  We got 2 orders of pork belly too:



I have to say, the flavors of these marinades cooked in the smokiness from the grill were so good.  The grill is over an open fire and really gave a nice sear to the meat.

And no matter how full we are, there is always room for dessert!  For my aunt, the taiyaki with lychee sorbet:

image  This is basically a waffle filled with red bean.

My sister, the plum wine with lychee sorbet:


And for my nephew and I – macaron ice cream sandwiches!!

image  Coffee, green tea, and vanilla.  So YUMMY.  One is not enough, two is too many – 1.5 is just enough.

Can’t wait to go again!

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